Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Two things I would like to share with you are about fireflies and mosquitoes. Here which is in Gulau (a name of a place where I've been posted to) reminds my past memories when I was a kid. Talking about my life as a kid, I really really love to play with fireflies. And I wonder how do fireflies illuminate themselves? It is so amazing, am  I right? Then, I did ask my father, " Abah, macam mana kelip2 leh ada lampu?" He didn't answer me and just give a big smile or may be he didn't know the answer.I was not really satisfied with his answer. Perhaps he knew that a kid like me is always asking rhetorical question and as an adult he just leaves me to search for the answer. Time after time, when I'm getting bigger and boulder, I had a hard time to scrutinize a firefly if compared to when I was a Gulau, I have the opportunity to enjoy my childhood memory again. I am so excited tonight observing fireflies illuminating and flying here, there and everywhere.Wow! I feel SUPERB!
Gulau mosquitoes are so gigantic and brutal-looking if compared to SP mosquitoes. What I would like to share with you here is Gulau mosquitoes respect people who are sleeping. Believe it or not they do not disturb homo-sapiens who enjoy sleeping. Unlike SP mosquitoes, every time they do disturb me.So annoying!The evidence is when I sleep in Gulau,there is no rash on my skin and by the time I return to SP, rashes are all over my shoulder and body.If I were able to snap a picture of Gulau mosquitoes..I will uploaded it for you. Peace! ;)

                                                             you see how big it is?