Sunday, 8 May 2011

Thinking of her~

Sometimes we forgot our precious person in our life.I don't know why I think about her lately.And may be it is an instinct and people always called it as chemistry. I dreamt of her last night.And she wore a white dress and grinned at me.When I asked her,Atok sehat?then she grinned again.speechless.I felt so comfortable when  I saw her face.I felt so calm at that moment.As I woke up,valuable tears came out from my eyes unconciously. Yes, I dreamt about my beloved grandma,Tok Minah. May be I miss her so much till she appeared in my dream. I still remember a memorable moment with her.My bro and I accompanied her to the bank.And everytime she wanted to withdraw her money she will always ask both of us to accompany her.Afterthat, she will treat us with KFC.And we as kids feel so happy and she always make both of us feel happy.May be we were her best grandchild I guess..hehe..I feel so touched.And friends...would you cherish her with surah Al-Fatihah and hope she is always be blessed.Amin~

Saturday, 23 April 2011


Chester Chester Chester..I really2 need u.I believe you would be so curious what is 'Chester' I'm talking about. Is it a name of a city in England?No no no..I experienced sleeping trauma last week.The trauma kept haunting me day by day. The trauma led me  to respiratory problem. I had a hard time to enjoy inhaling fresh air in the morning. And yesterday I found the solution for the trauma. I found it at Parkson Taman Sejati .The promoter said that you come at the right time sir and now is the happy hour time,you may get special offer from us.Then I bought the Chester and brought back home.I enjoy sleeping with Chester.Absolutely!
Do you wanna know what is it?

To be continued after the commercial break! (wait until I snap the pic of Chester)


This is the one that I'm looking for.Alhamdulillah, after using this pillow I feel better when  I get up in the morning.hehe..If you have the same problem like me, I would suggest you to buy this pillow.It is really fluffy and comfy.I would miss this pillow when I go to school..hehe ;)

Friday, 15 April 2011

Sharing moments in Surabaya

New invention.Malaysia should have it.sorry the picture is kinda blur.forgot to increase the shutter speed :o)

A place where ladies will go crazy shopping here

Looking for branded clothing to boot

overloaded is legal here :)

Surabaya House of Leather

The only place that has official Surabaya t-shirt to purchase

Cheng-Ho Mosque is one of the architectural splendours in Surabaya 

Firmer and trimmer with Jamu Rapat :p

Bika Ambon is one of the traditional cake here

Having our dinner.Our satay is far delicious than theirs

Posing in front of the Cheng-Ho Mosque

The interior of the restaurant.such a conducive place to eat. 

Stunning interior design of the Cheng-Ho Mosque

In front of the hotel we have stayed.Hotel Sahid

Turqoise dome.unable to capture the whole building because the bus is too fast.

Prominent landmark of Surabaya.Sura stands for shark while baya stands for  crocodile.In a local myth,they fought each other to gain the title "the strongest and powerful animal".

Thursday, 7 April 2011

'PAINT' ful

Today is Thursday.Usually,at 6.30 p.m sharp I will go home (Sg Petani). But, today I stay here in Gulau (a deserted place) to join my students to do some paintwork tomorrow. Initially, I would postponed the paintwork,then I did ask them, " do you really want to paint your class". They said, "Yes,sir"(with full spirit). That is why I sacrifice my leisure time joining them to paint the class. Hopefully, its going to be a good paintwork. I will be uploading the picture of our class before and after the paintwork ok. Tonight, I spend my time scrutinizing my 'FB'.adios!

                                                                    full of hardwork :)


Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Sometimes people always forget about what he or she has done wrong. It goes the same to me. As an ordinary person  who always makes mistakes and forgets our sacred obligation. First,I have a hard time performing Subuh everyday. Sometimes, I did awake but the laziness in me are stronger than my willingness to wake up and take ablutions and pray. Can you suggest me on how am I going to overcome this problem. I prone to listen to Satan whisper rather than solat. Ya Allah! Please forgive your servant.
Second, I rarely touch my Holy book nowadays. Yes, I admit that how come I'm going to recite if I don't eager to touch it. May be now it's the time for me to think about it deeply. It's time for me to decide to do something that ensure me to keep on reciting the Holy book.Sometimes I talk to myself why I behave like this! May be this is  the nature of human or may be this is my bad habit. I try to vanish this bad habit out of my life. Hopefully, I could give the best to myself in order to be a better-man.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Sora Baia

On 27th of January 2011, 4.00pm

This was my first trip to fly away to Indonesia. My friends are Mr Bun Chi Liaw( Siamese teacher), Mr Turmizi(canteen owner) and Mr Mahazan(Senior assistant for co-curriculum) gathered at my house and straight away rushing to the airport. Unluckily after halfway of driving at the high brain sent an urgent impulse telling me that I forgot to bring my passport.How stupid are you Muhd Zharif Fikri I said to myself. I did a sharp u-turn at the la..We exited at Kepala Batas exit and entered the 'tol' again heading to my house.My mom waited at the front door with a big smiley face (how cute she is).She said I think you forgot something baif. I replied,"hehehe, luckily we didn't arrived at the airport yet".I smacked the car to the airport and thank god that we arrived safely.

                                          introducing from left to right-Mr.Mahazan,Ustaz Rosli,
                                                   Mr Bun Chi Liaw and MR Turmizi.


After a long tiring waiting for the 'metal bird' to come, we went to musolla to perform our 'Asar'.Afterthat,still waiting for the metal bird, surfed the net and bought some chocolate before we were on board.

8.00 p.m

Flew away to Sora baia.


We arrived at the airport and had our dinner. I disliked Sundanese cuisine.really2 dislike.

Finally arrived at the hotel.exhausted and need a rest.I will upload the picture of the hotel in the next post k.