Thursday, 7 April 2011

'PAINT' ful

Today is Thursday.Usually,at 6.30 p.m sharp I will go home (Sg Petani). But, today I stay here in Gulau (a deserted place) to join my students to do some paintwork tomorrow. Initially, I would postponed the paintwork,then I did ask them, " do you really want to paint your class". They said, "Yes,sir"(with full spirit). That is why I sacrifice my leisure time joining them to paint the class. Hopefully, its going to be a good paintwork. I will be uploading the picture of our class before and after the paintwork ok. Tonight, I spend my time scrutinizing my 'FB'.adios!

                                                                    full of hardwork :)


1 comment:

  1. pinky seh~lalala rajin budak2 tu...sirnya mana?? curik tulang....tulang dak cukup kalsium!