Friday, 15 April 2011

Sharing moments in Surabaya

New invention.Malaysia should have it.sorry the picture is kinda blur.forgot to increase the shutter speed :o)

A place where ladies will go crazy shopping here

Looking for branded clothing to boot

overloaded is legal here :)

Surabaya House of Leather

The only place that has official Surabaya t-shirt to purchase

Cheng-Ho Mosque is one of the architectural splendours in Surabaya 

Firmer and trimmer with Jamu Rapat :p

Bika Ambon is one of the traditional cake here

Having our dinner.Our satay is far delicious than theirs

Posing in front of the Cheng-Ho Mosque

The interior of the restaurant.such a conducive place to eat. 

Stunning interior design of the Cheng-Ho Mosque

In front of the hotel we have stayed.Hotel Sahid

Turqoise dome.unable to capture the whole building because the bus is too fast.

Prominent landmark of Surabaya.Sura stands for shark while baya stands for  crocodile.In a local myth,they fought each other to gain the title "the strongest and powerful animal".

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