Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Sometimes people always forget about what he or she has done wrong. It goes the same to me. As an ordinary person  who always makes mistakes and forgets our sacred obligation. First,I have a hard time performing Subuh everyday. Sometimes, I did awake but the laziness in me are stronger than my willingness to wake up and take ablutions and pray. Can you suggest me on how am I going to overcome this problem. I prone to listen to Satan whisper rather than solat. Ya Allah! Please forgive your servant.
Second, I rarely touch my Holy book nowadays. Yes, I admit that how come I'm going to recite if I don't eager to touch it. May be now it's the time for me to think about it deeply. It's time for me to decide to do something that ensure me to keep on reciting the Holy book.Sometimes I talk to myself why I behave like this! May be this is  the nature of human or may be this is my bad habit. I try to vanish this bad habit out of my life. Hopefully, I could give the best to myself in order to be a better-man.