Saturday, 23 April 2011


Chester Chester Chester..I really2 need u.I believe you would be so curious what is 'Chester' I'm talking about. Is it a name of a city in England?No no no..I experienced sleeping trauma last week.The trauma kept haunting me day by day. The trauma led me  to respiratory problem. I had a hard time to enjoy inhaling fresh air in the morning. And yesterday I found the solution for the trauma. I found it at Parkson Taman Sejati .The promoter said that you come at the right time sir and now is the happy hour time,you may get special offer from us.Then I bought the Chester and brought back home.I enjoy sleeping with Chester.Absolutely!
Do you wanna know what is it?

To be continued after the commercial break! (wait until I snap the pic of Chester)


This is the one that I'm looking for.Alhamdulillah, after using this pillow I feel better when  I get up in the morning.hehe..If you have the same problem like me, I would suggest you to buy this pillow.It is really fluffy and comfy.I would miss this pillow when I go to school..hehe ;)


  1. muahahahaha...weh orang tido dak pakai bantai pon..siap tido atas tikaq mengkuang lagi ngan tokyam~ blaja la rasa!! huahua

  2. eh..cek lom update lg chester tu hape u da tau ya?tera toi..:D

  3. mak kaminya bantai lagi siok oh~bantai kabu~atas pokok kabu depa kata ada langsuir!

  4. huahua..langsuir suka bertenggek atas tu sbb dahan dia scary dow..