Sunday, 8 May 2011

Thinking of her~

Sometimes we forgot our precious person in our life.I don't know why I think about her lately.And may be it is an instinct and people always called it as chemistry. I dreamt of her last night.And she wore a white dress and grinned at me.When I asked her,Atok sehat?then she grinned again.speechless.I felt so comfortable when  I saw her face.I felt so calm at that moment.As I woke up,valuable tears came out from my eyes unconciously. Yes, I dreamt about my beloved grandma,Tok Minah. May be I miss her so much till she appeared in my dream. I still remember a memorable moment with her.My bro and I accompanied her to the bank.And everytime she wanted to withdraw her money she will always ask both of us to accompany her.Afterthat, she will treat us with KFC.And we as kids feel so happy and she always make both of us feel happy.May be we were her best grandchild I guess..hehe..I feel so touched.And friends...would you cherish her with surah Al-Fatihah and hope she is always be blessed.Amin~


  1. al-fatihah..syukurla sempat ngan atok..chaq bayang2 pon tak sempat tgk..smua pergi bila chaq buka mata kat dunia ni..lagi sedih beb!

  2. sad..xpa kita yg dok ada pakat2 sedekah utk depa kt sana..moga mereka dirahmati.amin~