Friday, 1 April 2011

Sora Baia

On 27th of January 2011, 4.00pm

This was my first trip to fly away to Indonesia. My friends are Mr Bun Chi Liaw( Siamese teacher), Mr Turmizi(canteen owner) and Mr Mahazan(Senior assistant for co-curriculum) gathered at my house and straight away rushing to the airport. Unluckily after halfway of driving at the high brain sent an urgent impulse telling me that I forgot to bring my passport.How stupid are you Muhd Zharif Fikri I said to myself. I did a sharp u-turn at the la..We exited at Kepala Batas exit and entered the 'tol' again heading to my house.My mom waited at the front door with a big smiley face (how cute she is).She said I think you forgot something baif. I replied,"hehehe, luckily we didn't arrived at the airport yet".I smacked the car to the airport and thank god that we arrived safely.

                                          introducing from left to right-Mr.Mahazan,Ustaz Rosli,
                                                   Mr Bun Chi Liaw and MR Turmizi.


After a long tiring waiting for the 'metal bird' to come, we went to musolla to perform our 'Asar'.Afterthat,still waiting for the metal bird, surfed the net and bought some chocolate before we were on board.

8.00 p.m

Flew away to Sora baia.


We arrived at the airport and had our dinner. I disliked Sundanese cuisine.really2 dislike.

Finally arrived at the hotel.exhausted and need a rest.I will upload the picture of the hotel in the next post k.

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